Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Banana Redesign Campaign

Banana peel stickers usually go unnoticed, unless you find yourself accidentally eating it or find it stuck on your pants a few hours later... but Chiquita Bananas have rebranded their famous blue and yellow sticker to cartoon faces that give each banana a different personality. This creative campaign was designed by DJ Neff whose goal for his client was "to make bananas cool."

Inspiration for the face idea first came from seeing what people did with the chiquita stickers after they ate the banana even before we put faces on them. So, the hope was by creating the characters, now when they eat the banana, they are even more excited and inspired to put that sticker somewhere special to keep it. The designs themselves had to be fun, so I just thought about all the fun things I like, cartoons, toys, people I know, and they sort of just came out. Honestly, we did so many stickers the hardest part was picking only 25.
-DJ Neff in an interview on Design Related
Some pictures of the new design:

Maybe America will become healthier by making food fun and silly. Solving obesity one banana at a time...


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