Friday, May 28, 2010

pretty things friday

Hello everyone... I am so happy today is Friday, which means PTF! I was very excited for today because 1. it's Friday and those are the best, 2. it's a long weekend, 3. I have some great pictures for this, 4. and now I just found out the big boss said everyone can leave at 3 today!

Here it goes.

Pretty scarves make for pretty decor.

Pretty groovy.

The prettiest (and comfiest) looking hammock ever. WANT!

Pretty floral embroidery.

Pretty gigantic antlers.

A pretty intense picture from an exhibit at work. A Sierra Leonian woman greiving the loss of her child.

Pretty excited to eat these guys this weekend! With chocolate...

Pretty freakin' excited to go camping this weekend with my pretty friends!

Such a pretty song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And pretty awesome typography.

A whole lot of pretty elephants.

A pretty Indian goddess.

Pretty rad telephone sheep.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and I are both pretty necky.

Pretty adorbz.

Pretty cute illustration.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

bi king

These antler bicycle handles from Design Kug are RAD! Spotted at ICFF.

From the designer:
The “Bi-King” challenges me towards a new dimension of design; adopting more poetic and artistic approaches to an everyday-use product. In regard to visual expression methods, the new concept of shape communication opened an interesting insight on human perception and recognition ability which can, I found, provide an easier, more enjoyable and artistic way of transformation of everyday product into an art. It also offered me a very strong visual and design language.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

vintage photos

A little collection of vintage/vintage inspired images. Loving the sepia tone.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

chipmunk cheeks

Pretty prints from Chipmunk Cheeks aka artist Katie Vernon from Bloomington, IN. Simple line drawings paired with detailed illustrations of flowers. You really can't go wrong here... Enjoy these gorgeous prints and check out her Etsy!


olaf hajek

Olaf Hajek is an artist from Berlin. These pieces are from Olaf's "personal art," using lots of flora and fauna images and incorporating them into his subjects. The result... beautifully intense art!!!


Monday, May 24, 2010

poem by kelli russell agodon

Goodbye Stranger

When I said there must be another way,
she said sunrise is sunrise is sunrise.

She said wait. She said stop.

When I said I’ve never understood the truth,
she said listen to Starshine, Supertramp.

She said there are a million of us who fear
being average, all singing in the shower,
all making acceptance speeches with a hairbrush.

What she didn’t say was never.
What she didn’t say was melody.

Thankful curbstone. Russian thistle
growing through the fence.

There must be another way
to say sunrise never equals itself,
and truth depends on a moment.

I have waited for people
who never came back, old boyfriends
who promised to return.

I have stopped believing in doorbells,
in the scent of homecoming.

I stopped believing there must be another way,
that technology = better.

Each morning she read me my horoscope.

What mine didn’t say:
There’s a Grammy with your name on it.
There’s a curbstone that trusts your butt.

And the faces that never returned?
They’re quiet, but think of us often.

-Kelli Russell Agodon

lyric posters

I found these great lyric posters by Music Philosophy. Great use of typography!

Belle and Sebastian.

The Strokes


Cat Stevens.

Bob Dylan

The Beatles.

Blind Melon

Guns n Roses

Rolling Stones

The Smiths



Friday, May 21, 2010

pretty things friday

Friday is here, and so is PTF. I hope everyone had a nice week!

Pretty flowers.

My pretty dream {tree} house.

Pretty pupils.

Pretty silly.

The prettiest tattoo I ever did see!

Pretty cute.

Pretty true analogy.

Pretty sweet rug.

Pretty nerdy.

Pretty creepy birdies.

Pretty inspirational.

Still pretty obsessed with adorable kitties.

Pretty "me."

I am pretty much salivating just thinking about cookie dough.

Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Happy weekend!