Wednesday, January 30, 2013

bits & pieces

here are some bits and pieces of my days... i just got a new lens for my camera so i'm super excited to be taking more pictures and then sharing little pieces of my life with you!

1. bought myself roses to cure a bad day
2. my crazy cat, pierre.
3. making lots of tea these days to get through this winter
4. little paintings on wooden pins
5. a falafel sandwich and red wine on a sunday afternoon

i hope you enjoyed this peek into my life.

xo, g

Monday, January 21, 2013

taiim cellar

yesterday i had the opportunity to take some photos for a local newspaper for the opening of taiim cellar! it's a new middle-eastern wine bar a few towns over from where i live. it's very beautiful inside, but the food is even better!

after i took pictures, i ate a great meal consisting of feta beet salad, masabacha hummus with fresh pita, a falafel sandwich and a big glass of red wine.

if you are in the area, i would highly suggest it!

xo, g

Thursday, January 17, 2013


part of the reason i left this blog over a year ago was because i felt disconnected from my art & i couldn't appreciate anything that i made. it discouraged me, so i stopped creating. i kept telling myself i was going through an "artist's block" and that it would pass...

over the summer, my sweet boy, brian, brought me a fresh bouquet of wild flowers from the farmer's market. besides the fact that there was no special occasion, it really resonated with me in a different way. i can't explain the feeling, but i suddenly felt so inspired by these flowers that i felt the need to do something about it. i needed to capture their colors & life. so i painted.

i spent the whole afternoon & evening infront of the still life i set up; sketching, painting, and studying the colors, patterns, & designs. finally, i was happy with the end result... and that was the encouragement i needed to keep going!

so thank you, brian, for that first bouquet of flowers that helped me out of my creative rut... & thanks, pierre, for being the cutest photo prop :)

now let me ask you, where do you find inspiration? what gets you out of an artist's block?

xo, g

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

interview with typographie vintage

so... it's been a while since i've been on this blog. i miss it & have thought about starting up again. i think what has given me that motivation is the fact that i am actually creating new art for myself. it's been a struggle since graduating college, but i feel like i have found my "niche," or whatever... i want to create and i want to share it with you again!

recently i collaborated with my friend elizabeth, from typographie vintage. she asked me to create a new banner for her blog, and i happily agreed! she also interviewed me about my art and process... you can read it over here!

i will share more pictures of my process at a later time, but i did want to stop in and say hello!

xo, g