Monday, March 1, 2010

Logo Lundi

After a nice four day weekend due to massive amounts of snow, it's back to work and back to mah bloggg. Here are a couple of amazing logos that I've found on the webz. Hope you enjoy!

I've seen this on some Bahamas commercials... I just love the different colors and how they simplified the shape of the islands to this design.

Elephants are one of the coolest animals ever, plus the origami & folded paper design is really in style.

Another origami style logo:

I don't know what this company is, but I just like it.

I love leaves. And double letters.

This is such a delish logo...

So simple but fun.

I love the style that graphics are leaning towards. You can see it everywhere from Stop&Shop and Walmart's new logos to those cute Pillsbury commercials. I've been reading some criticism about how it's not always possible to be so clean and simple in designs... but either way, I like it and I hope it is able to stay for a while.


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