Friday, April 2, 2010

all things taxidermy!

Taxidermy can be kind of gross but I had to refrain from LOLing at work when looking at these. I hope you don't think I'm disgusting now :)

This one can be in honor of "Pretty Things Friday"

This is what Otto's future looks like:

It's only ok when it plays the accordion...

Like my 'do?

Whoever this girl is, I feel bad for her.

Taxidermy sculpture.

I actually am in love with this one.

BUNNY! It's still cute.


Forget about fur, let's wear taxidermy!

Wear it as a bra!

These are scary.

Santa's new crew.


The quick brown fox jumped through the lazy girl.

Don't forget to pack your camel!

So cute!


Most of these are from Crappy Taxidermy. Hope you likey. Have a good weekend all!


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