Friday, May 28, 2010

pretty things friday

Hello everyone... I am so happy today is Friday, which means PTF! I was very excited for today because 1. it's Friday and those are the best, 2. it's a long weekend, 3. I have some great pictures for this, 4. and now I just found out the big boss said everyone can leave at 3 today!

Here it goes.

Pretty scarves make for pretty decor.

Pretty groovy.

The prettiest (and comfiest) looking hammock ever. WANT!

Pretty floral embroidery.

Pretty gigantic antlers.

A pretty intense picture from an exhibit at work. A Sierra Leonian woman greiving the loss of her child.

Pretty excited to eat these guys this weekend! With chocolate...

Pretty freakin' excited to go camping this weekend with my pretty friends!

Such a pretty song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And pretty awesome typography.

A whole lot of pretty elephants.

A pretty Indian goddess.

Pretty rad telephone sheep.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and I are both pretty necky.

Pretty adorbz.

Pretty cute illustration.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!!!


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