Tuesday, July 20, 2010

spiders & music

During my morning ritual Twitter-checking, I saw that Pitchfork posted a {new?} Neon Indian music video.

It's stop motion animation, so automatically I love it. It's a story about a one-eyed spider-thing who cocoons itself and becomes a beautiful spider complete with lots of eyes, 8 legs... and a mustache. So great!

And while we are on the topic of spiders...

I have been listening to Joanna Newsom nonstop! Her album "Have One On Me" is a beautifully constructed 3-disc LP, featuring almost three hours of Newsom singing and playing the harp. In all honesty, it took me a few months to listen to this in full, but I highly recommend it if you have the patience.

Oh yes, but about the spiders... This line from her song entitled "Have One On Me" has been resonating with me since I heard the lyrics:

There's a big black spider
hanging over my door.
Can't go anywhere, anymore.

I really HATE spiders and there have been too many times where I've been trapped in my room because I was too afraid to leave. I suppose there's nothing really special about these lyrics, except for me they remind me that I can't let things that I am afraid of get in my way.

So I hope you take the time to watch the awesome Neon Indian video and maybe even listen to Joanna Newsom!


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