Monday, August 2, 2010

we can

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I spent the weekend at Lake George with my family and friends. It was very very relaxing...

Today's featured artist(s) are from the duo from the blog We Can. The blog is run by the cute couple Brad and Leigh. Leigh illustrates while Brad writes. I think it's the cutest thing when couples collaborate on projects like this.

This is one of Leigh's illustrations. Under it is what Brad wrote:

Relationships are a lot like riding a tandem bicycle (not that either of us have actually ridden a tandem bicycle). The ride is more enjoyable when both of you are pedaling. Sometimes one of you doesn’t have the energy to pedal and the other one has to do a little more. Getting to the top of a hill can seem like hard work, but free-wheeling down the other side with the wind lapping at your curls is a feeling that can’t be beat. But most of all, it’s just kinda cool to have someone along for the ride.

Sounds just like a Hallmark card. Oh, wait, I think I got a card like this before!


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