Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend work

You may or may not have caught on to my "complaining" about working a lot. Besides working a full-time job during the week, I also do a lot of freelance work on the side. I love both my jobs but sometimes going from one to the other can get pretty exhausting....

This weekend was spent mostly working on these projects. I have a bunch that are still in-progress, but I'd like to share some things that I worked on!

The first was a poster design for my brother's first gig at college...  he needed a poster to be displayed around campus, so naturally he asked me if I could put something together, and this is what I came up with!

I used Graphics Fairy for the awesome fossil image, and I had a lot of fun playing around with fonts from Dafont too. Ya like???

The second project that consumed all of my Sunday is the cover to this journal that I'm creating for my temple. It will be my Rabbi and his wife's 25 years at our temple, and I helped put together a book of ads from temple members as a fundraiser for the celebration.

For the cover, I originally wanted to hand draw it, so I started drawing a portrait of the Rabbi and his wife. I was completely stuck after finishing the drawing and I really wanted to add elements of color and texture, but I knew I couldn't do that with just the drawing. I drew a simple desk surface with some objects and filled them in with watercolor. Then I scanned all my separate pieces and put them together in Photoshop.

I'm extremely satisfied with the result... I think it's subtle in it's message while being extremely personal... and it came out exactly the way I pictured it! Yey!

If any of my wonderful readers {YOU!} is looking for posters, flyers, drawings or any kind of creative design, you know where to find me! I'm always looking for more work!!! :)


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lauren carney said...

oh everything about your blog is lovely!
the pictures make me smile!

happy blogging you!