Monday, November 8, 2010

music monday mixtape! vol. 4

Click image to download!
Hello there!!!

I feel like I've neglected my blog this past week... My job sent me to take web design classes in the city, which was awesome, but left me with little free time to blog and such! Now I am back to work in the office after a nice weekend and I will try to resume my normal blogging schedule as best I can.

So just in time for the second week of November, and more importantly Music Monday.. here is a little mixtape I made for you all! If you ask me it's pretty good; enjoy!!! :)


1. reading rainbow- always on my mind
2. warpaint- undertow
3. lykke li- get some
4. la sera- never come around
5. deerhunter- coronado
6. silje nes- the glass harp
7. bon iver & st. vincent- roslyn
8. crocodiles- hearts of love
9. twin shadow- slow
10. glasser- mirrorage

Have an awesome Monday and stay tuned this week :)


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