Thursday, December 16, 2010

awesome websites

Hello there! Here are a couple of awesome websites that I've been admiring lately... both of them are very vintage-feeling, which I love to see on websites. I'm sort of over new/modern/clean design these days.

The first website is a festive "Fossil Life Style" page through I'm loving the scrapbook vibe. I also love that in the section "what we're into" features Etsy! Good job, Fossil.

The second is an interactive website for the Jane hotel, a hotel and hangout place in the West Village. I'd love to go there one day... my friend recently described it as "a really cool bar but it feels like you're in someone's living room." That's my kind of place! Anyways, if that doesn't sound cool to you, maybe their website will convince you otherwise!

Happy surfing :)


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