Monday, August 8, 2011

my first estate sale

good morning and happy monday!

i wanted to share with you some little things i found at an estate sale this weekend. it was my first time going to an estate sale so i didn't know what to expect. it was an incredibly old house filled with soooo many books in every room. 

the house was originally a campsite for general washington in the 1700's and then was converted into a train station in the 1880's. i thought the history of the house and the lot it was built on were so incredible. unfortunately i forgot to take pictures!

however i did take pictures of the $7 worth of things i found. the first is vintage italian drawing paper that's in perfect condition. there must be about 30 sheets in there, with 'raffaello' embossed onto each sheet... pretty fancy! i'm super excited to start sketching!

i also found a cute gold hair clip, two little clutches for holding tiny things in my purse, and a vintage copy of james joyce's 'a portrait of the artist as a young man,' a book that i was told by my philosophy-major friend that i would definitely enjoy. last summer i started joyce's 'ulysses' but it's a hard read and i never finished it. maybe reading the first novel will help me get through it!

hope everyone had a great weekend...  here's to an easy monday :)


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