Friday, August 12, 2011

time for schvitzing & noshing

happy friday! let's end the week off right, with some great summery vintage-inspired posters from ma + chr, a parisian design team.

do you have any plans for the weekend?

i am ending my work week with some frosty mojitos and fresh guacamole at our little office party. sometimes office life can be exciting... hah.

on saturday i'm venturing to the city with my brother to meet up with our cousins. we are spending the morning at a russian-turkish bath house and afterwards going out for a fancy ukranian lunch. i'm looking forward to shvitzing, noshing, and spending time with family :)



Rosie said...

These posters are lovely, thanks for sharing!
I keep forgetting to say I love your new blog design :)
Enjoy your weekend xx

gabrielle said...

thank you, rosie! enjoy yours as well :)