Monday, September 12, 2011

it's a good thing for great design

it's been a long weekend... i've been really busy setting up my new apartment, which i moved into last weekend.

so far i absolutely LOVE it! although, last night i didn't sleep a wink because my mind was racing about all fix-me-up-DIY projects i have in mind!

it's a terrible thing, wanting to create everything you can't love but afford... (re: anthropologie*)

anyways, it's a good thing for great design. clothing company a.p.c. is now making it super easy to shop exactly what you're looking for. beautifully organized by color & style, this layout is perfect for the online shopper that just realized it's already the middle of september, and last season's autumn clothes just aren't cutting it... oh!... moi?

what are you waiting for! take a look. your eyes will thank you. wallet, not so much...

also, please stay tuned this week (my birthday week!) for the 'unveiling' of my new blog! i'm really trying to take this little bloggie to the next level. i can't wait to show you!