Sunday, May 16, 2010


Having a lazy, sluggish, hungover-y Sunday. I felt like doing a words theme so here are some pretty pictures with quotes and lyrics and words to live by.

My background on my computer. I lovvvvve this too much.

I really need to finish this book already. It's taking so long.

So true...

I want this bag so baddd.

This reminds me of Abby's signature font!!! So this is for her... I hope she will see this :)

Don't wanna be a design-prostitute


I have a hard time understanding this, but I should try more often.

Like Facebook...

I love light writing.

I wish people would do this. The world would be so much better.

I like this picture but it's kinda emo. Oh well.


Yes it is.

why Why WHY


I think the word "don't" should be in white too and then this picture would make more sense.


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