Friday, July 2, 2010

pretty things friday

The week always seems to drag when there is a four day weekend coming up... so I was so happy to receive the email this morning that said everyone is allowed to leave at 3 PM! Woo hoo!

Here is this week's PTF... enjoy and have a nice holiday weekend :)

Pretty embroidered covered rock-flowers.

The prettiest coffee pitcher with a mustache.

Pretty confusing packaging.

Pretty sad fruit.

This is pretty strange but it makes me LOL

Pretty pills.

Pretty hilarious hipster bird.

This is pretty much my friend Katie <3

A pretty great invention.

Pretty yummy.

Beary pretty.

Pretty funny.

Pretty much want these.

A pretty big bra.

Madmen Youself is pretty sweet.



Katie Mekeel said...

Hey, that actually kind of looks like me! Excellent PTF, my love :)

maggie said...

just photoshop katies head on it, and it'll be perfect :P