Thursday, October 7, 2010

walking to jericho

Etsy has created the coolest way to shop... by color! It is programmed in such a way so that you choose any color off their palate and it will give you a few items listed on Etsy in that color. It's a great tool to play with... you should try it!

While I was having fun playing with the color chart, I found Etsy seller WalkingToJericho, who sells amazing fine art photography prints at reasonable prices. I was intrigued by her shop because of the way she highlights color throughout her work.

These prints put me in the mood for the perfect crisp autumn day... much like today! Enjoy :)


1 comment:

Hannah said...

Beautiful images! I love fall and all autumn colors. I think I might be an autumnal soul - this season just resonates with me to such a degree.

Beautiful, beautiful collection.