Sunday, December 5, 2010

weekend roundup

Does anyone else feel that the weekends are too short?! I can't possibly be the only one. I always feel that there is never enough time to do the important things and relax. However, this weekend was an exception. I was able to relax Friday night, go to the gym and run errands Saturday morning, do some work Saturday afternoon, and go to the city Saturday night! I spent all of today working and cleaning my room. I even took some pictures... so here's my "weekend roundup"!

Finally finished my handmade invitations! Get excited!
Sealed, stamped and ready to be put in the mail.

Did a little ink painting Friday night but I could definitely use some new ink!
Had a little photoshoot with Carli

First night of Hanukkah! Can't wait to make chocotini's!
Redecorated my room a bit
Embroidery hoop that I made over the summer
My bookshelf
Some sketchbooks, one of my plaster sculptures, my favorite mug & my new brown bottle collection

Favorite picture of my mum and I

I hope you all had a great weekend! Stay tuned for a new mixtape tomorrow!


1 comment:

JMay said...

Ok first off, I love the fact that you sent out handmade invitations rather than an e-vite. The invitations are AMAZING & so creative. Secondly, you painted that? It's soooo pretty!!! Seriously LOVE IT!