Friday, June 10, 2011

adventures in brooklyn.

horray for the end of the week! although i really shouldn't be complaining because i had the past 2 days off from work. now it's friday but it feels like a monday... so confusing.

anyways, i've been hanging out in brooklyn with matthew. we have been really busy bike riding, collaborating, taking pictures (with my 'new' 35mm canon from ebay... i love it so much... see smiling photo above), apartment hunting, eating delicious food, but most of all trying to stay cool! preferably with tons of iced coffee, refreshing fruit & cool salads.

it was matthew's birthday a few days ago and i bought him tickets to see thao & mirah for this past wednesday. it was amazing to see them live (again!) & they certainly never disappoint. my favorite was hearing them play "little cup" but i also have so many new favorite songs after hearing them live.

the opening band was bobby. i never heard of them before but they were totally awesome! they had sweet stage lighting & it was really cool to watch.

all photos by matthew. you can see more on matthew's blog!


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