Tuesday, July 12, 2011

illustrated cameras

Hey there! I finally have enough energy to blog now that the busy weekend is over and I'm finally in air conditioning! Woohoo

I had a great weekend going back home. It was especially nice spending time with my family, doing yoga in the park (while my bro played bongos!) and going to my old childhood friend's wedding! Really exciting. Pictures to come (crossing my fingers the film pics turn out well!)

Anyways... as you may know, Matthew and I have started our own blog called Smooth Sailing. We like posting photos we take together and we're even starting some new & exciting projects!

Here's an illustration that I drew of both our cameras! It was fun to compare the differences between them. New + old love... camera friends forever!

Hope you like it! I hope to do more illustrations like these soon :)

Stay cool! xoxo


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