Thursday, March 18, 2010

Artist Spotlight

Shuxin Liang is an artist and graphic designer from Southern China who now is living in Melbourne. Her style is inspired by the organic and natural world conflicting with the urban environment.
"Materials and textures intrigue me and I have an almost obsessive need to create... I love nature, I like birds and their songs, and I want to use my artworks to express to my audiences not only a sonic experience, but also my own self-identity as a channel by which to encode this sonic resonance."

If I could somehow put my feelings into cohesive sentences, that's almost exactly what I would say about my work too. Her work instantly inspired me, and now I feel that same obsessive compulsion to create something.

I couldn't choose just a few pieces because I like them all so apologies for image-overload.

"Dhyana 1"

"Dhyana 2"

"Dhyana 3"

"Dhyana 4"

"Bird Sounds In The City"


"Garden Sounds No. 1"





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